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Ty Potter

Event Manager

Ty is one of the longest running volunteers on the team. He started out as a volunteer coordinator and has helped Miss Nature in different capacities over the past few years. He is often the DJ of the event and helps oversee all other team members and their roles. Ty helps ensure that volunteers are in place the day of the event and acts as a point of contact the day of the event to help ensure our performers are taken care of and that their needs are met.

Shelly Decesare

Assistant Event Manager

Shelly is a devoted volunteer who oversees all functions as assigned by the event manager. You will often see her helping at the door as well before an event begins, helping with crowd control to help ensure our guests are seated in a timely fashion.


aka Miss Nature

Logistics Manager

Christopher J Hall

Christopher (also known as Miss Nature) is often working behind the scenes. He oversees all sales of tickets and often meets with organizations prior to an event to help ensure a long-lasting partnership is created. He also is behind the marketing of each event in each city and oversees those campaigns interacting with new audience members up until the day of the event answering any questions they may have about the event. Christopher also gathers performers together making the initial ask for them to be involved in the event. Christopher also performs at each event day of as Miss Nature. Chris oversees all concerns regarding contract obligations.


aka Justin Deeper-Love

Creative Director

Christina Lancaster

Christina is the individual behind one of the logos. She also creates art for each tour stop to help ensure additional money is raised at each event for the charity. She is also a performer who works hard to help ensure she leaves you entertained


aka Dirtee X

Co- Logistics Manager

Armando Murillo

Armando has helped this year in terms of logistics and ensuring that all is in place for each of the events being held. Armando (also known as Dirtee X) has been performing all over Arizona and Las Vegas for over 10 years. Dirtee X is no stranger to her hometown of Casa Grande, with numerous sold out shows. Often working behind the scenes assisting with logistics and marketing of the tour and coordinating backstage day of the show. Armando has been marketing in various cities promoting the upcoming tour. This is Dirtee X’s third tour performing and second hosting. Armando will be found performing and co-hosting this AZ Pride Tour in each city, day of as Dirtee X. He Looks forward to meeting each of you and appreciates all of your support!


Devin Reed

Show Assistant

Devin is a devoted volunteer who oversees all functions as assigned by the event manager. He often helps ensure accuracy of change given to tip performers. You will often see him helping at the door as well before an event begins. Devin will help with crowd control and act as liaison for the Event Manager to ensure the show is a success.


Show Assistant

Andrew Bolt

My name is Andrew Bolt, but on stage my name is: Prince Bentley! I've performed for 5 years but have been on a small hiatus, Soon I will be stepping back into the spotlight again!

Andrews responsibilities are Support of the Event Managers, performers and guests. Providing a contact between Performers and Guests to Management, ensuring that the show is progressing successfully and is a safe space for all!

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